Get the Best Sleep of Your Life with Customized Comfort and Neck Support

The Revolutionary 3-in-1 Convertible Pillow

The Tonight Sleep Labs Pillow will forever change the way you think about your bed. Experts all agree, the key to a good night’s sleep is proper neck support—but not everyone needs the same level of support. That’s why the sleep technicians at Tonight Sleep Labs designed their pillow to transform. This unbelievably comfortable pillow can be setup in 3 different configurations to meet your personal needs!

  • Create the perfect, personalized pillow with two interchangeable inserts:
    • Soft: Insert the thin pillow for incredible comfort and suppleness.
    • Medium: Insert the thick pillow for balance and flexibility in any position.
    • Firm: Use both pillows for extra support and conformity.
  • No Fluffing Needed – Tonight Sleep Labs’ siliconized polyester stuffing doesn’t clump like foam or flatten like down.
  • Breathable – Tonight Sleep Labs’ multi-layer design increases airflow, so there’s no need to flip the pillow, it always stays cool.
  • Extra-Soft – The Tonight Sleep Labs cover is 100% cotton with a proprietary extra-long, extra-soft microfiber that’s unbelievably comfortable and breathable.
  • Hypoallergenic – Equipped with anti-allergy and anti-bacterial technologies, the Tonight Sleep Labs Pillow keeps out bacteria, allergens and dust mites.

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"Pillows can not only impact the quality of our sleep, but also how healthfully we rest and recharge."

- Michael Breus, PhD, Sleep Expert

Here’s Why Customers Love The Tonight Sleep Labs Pillow…

Get a Better, More Restful Night’s Sleep with Tonight Sleep Labs

The World’s Most Comfortable Pillow


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Have a Question? See Our FAQs

Question:What is the Tonight Sleep Labs Pillow made from?

Answer: The cover is 100% cotton and the inserts are a patented polyester microfiber that mimics the feeling of down without all the hassle of feathers.

Question:Is the Tonight Sleep Labs Pillow machine washable?

Answer: Yes, the cover and inserts are all machine washable and dryable.

Question:Does the Tonight Sleep Labs Pillow need a pillowcase?

Answer: The pillow cover is incredibly comfortable on its own, but we recommend purchasing the Tonight Sleep Labs Pillowcase for an extra-soft sleeping experience.

Question:Is the Tonight Sleep Labs Pillow suitable for people who sleep on their front or side?

Answer: Yes, the customizable design makes it ideal for any sleeping position.

Question:Does the Tonight Sleep Labs Pillow make noise?

Answer: No, it doesn’t make any crinkling or rustling noises, no matter how much you move during the night.

Question:How big is the Tonight Sleep Labs Pillow?

Answer: It comes available in two sizes—Standard: 21" x 28” x 4” and King: 19” x 33” x 4”.

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